Current Speaking
William C. Jarvis, Ed. D.

Present 2010

Oct. 7  Walter Reed Medical
Washington, D.C.
JRM Presentation

PAST 2010

Caregivers/Survivors Conference
Indianapolis, IN
JRM presentation

First Christian Church
Luncheon - Leaning on Faith

Message 9:00 am Leaning On Faith
9:00 am

Outpatient Rehab
Lutheran Hospital of Indiana
Fort Wayne, IN
Staff presentation on JRM

PAST 2009

Simpson United Methodist Church
Message:  Do You Have A Voice?

Sharon Mowrer Counseling and Consulting PC
JRM Presentation

Indiana University of Medicine
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (lecture JRM)

Winter Park United Methodist Church
Winter Park, Florida
(JOY class)  - Message: Release from Fear

Stroke Support Group
Orlando Florida
JRM Presentation

Addison Outpatient Rehabilitation
Orlando, Florida
JRM Presentation

BIAI Conference Support Group
JRM Presentation
Indianapolis, IN

Stroke Support Group (JRM presentation)
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Regency Nursing Home (Magic In-Service)
Fort Wayne, Indiana