Testimonials 2
William C. Jarvis, Ed.D.



Dr. Jarvis gave a presentation on TBI (traumatic brain injury ) and a motivational speech
on how he deals with his injury and has overcome many obstacles associated with TBI.  His
story is a fascinating look at triumph over tragedy. The visuals and his style of teaching
were captivating and held the attention of two hundred 7th graders for nearly 45 min. (
Which is no easy feet! )  Dr. Jarvis uses his wit and talents as a magician, and former
teacher, to draw the students into his message.
Paul Ragon, Science Teacher
Memorial Park Middle School

I just wanted to write and thank you, again, for being willing to come and speak
at Taylor.  It was such a pleasure and privilege to meet you, and the students
really enjoyed and appreciated what you had to say.  For me personally, you
challenged and inspired me to think about how I could motivate myself to be a
better teacher and motivate my students to be successful through learning.

Thank you for taking the time to fit this engagement into your schedule.  We
were all truly blessed by you and your words of encouragement.

Elizabeth Franz, Future Teacher



"Bill Jarvis is a compelling speaker who shares his personal experience of recovery,
rehabilitation and re-formation of life goals and expectations with vulnerability, humor and
a faithfulness. His presentation is heartfelt and heartwarming, full of hope and good news,
and inspiring. I know that several people who heard him in the chapel here at Drew
University were moved to speak with him personally to share their own experiences of grief
and heartache over different physical afflictions, and his presence for them was comforting
and challenging at the same time. I recommend him and his presentation for those times
and places where people in need of a healing connection might be reached with and
touched by Bill's story."

Rev. Tanya Linn Bennett
Director of the Chapel & Religious Life,Associate Chaplain
Drew University, New Jersey

Thank you so much for coming and sharing your amazing, faith-filled story.  I know that you
touched the hearts of many.  Your message was especially powerful for Mike, our brain
injured member who attended the small 11:00 group … you gave him a real message of
I also heard from several senior high youth that your words and your faith really amazed
them.  They wondered if they could remain so positive in the face of a similar situation.  
Our HS Sunday School teachers are going to continue your conversation next week as
they plan their lesson.
Again, thank you for sharing not only your story, but your faith.  Whenever I see a weak
young tree leaning on a stronger, bigger one, I will think of you.  May God continue to
bless your life and give you courage and strength to share that blessing with other.

Rev. Christina
Bridgewater United Methodist Church
Bridgewater, New Jersey

Thanks so much to you and Marty for visiting Bridgewater UMC this past Sunday.  Your
courageous story and testimony touched many of the people in attendance.  I know there
are many in our congregation who have faced, or are currently facing, difficult times in
their lives.  How reassuring to hear your message of faith, and to remember that God, "will
never leave us of forsake us."

June Tamburro
Bridgewater United Methodist Church
Bridgewater, New Jersey

Bill Jarvis has a powerful testimony of God’s provision and grace that will touch both the
hearts and the minds of those longing to know our Lord’s presence in the challenging
times of life.

David J. Gyertson
Distinguished Professor of Leadership
and Renewal Regent University

Bill's story of God's grace and faithfulness through the deepest trials is amazing. Yet
although the story is moving, Bill's words of courage and faith are often accented by his
indestructible humor. Get ready for the unexpected.

Ron Sloan, Academic Dean
Taylor University Fort Wayne

….will touch your heart with his compassion to help those who have gone through physical
sufferings and pain.   I highly recommend you ask him to speak to your group.

Don Hamm, Former Pastor
Statewood Baptist Church
Fort Wayne, Indiana

William Jarvis has been there :"in the valley of the shadows of death"
and has come through it all with profound articulation of "faith,
hope and love."  Anyone who needs to encounter the practical wisdom of
progressive healing would benefit from his ministry of witness and
positive presence.

Rev. Dr. William Wesley Elkins
Cokesbury/Fairmount United Methodist Church
New Jersey

Thank you for speaking at the Round Valley United Methodist Church.  It was a pleasure to
hear your inspirational message about leaning on our faith in the midst of crisis and
adversity.  I had several parishioners mention that your message was meaningful to them
in the midst of their own journeys.  I pray that your ministry will continue and that others will
draw strength from your faithfulness.

Pastor Jessica Campbell
Round Valley United Methodist Church
Lebanon, New Jersey

How fast your life can change. Bill reminds me of my blessings of this and everyday. He
shows how God has a reason for all he does...Bill is an inspiration to all
people with or without disabilities.  I can't help wonder how far he would of gotten without
the strength of the Holy spirit and his strong faith in the Lord.

Steve Surhoff
Member Whitehouse UMC

What a blessing it was to have Dr. Jarvis speak here, offering a message that reaches
persons facing varied forms of struggle and healing.  Our congregation was inspired by his
faith, his strength, and his witness to God's presence in the journey.  

Rev. Shawn Callender Hogan
Whitehouse United Methodist Church
Whitehouse, New Jersey

Dr. Jarvis is able to share in an articulate memorable way his story of recovery and the
importance of faith and support in dealing with any crisis. He spoke to an adult Sunday
School Class here and all were deeply enthralled as well as stimulated to think of how they
would respond as a patient and how they can respond as a church family to those who are
suffering and having a prolonged recovery.     

Betsy McKeeby, parish nurse
First United Methodist Church Winter Park Florida