Hospitals, Rehabilitation Support Groups


    You were inspirational in sharing your experiences since your accident. Your talk provided the
    group members (and me, too!) with that essential component we all cannot live without...hope.
    Your JMR is straightforward and will benefit many in the group. In rehab, we talk a lot about
    goals...long term goals, short term goals, attainable goals...your process will help those impacted
    by a new disabling condition to set their own goals to be able to see progress!

    Chris Brinneman, MSW, LCSW
    Rehabilitation Case Coordinator
    Stroke Support Group Co-facilitator
    Parkview Hospital, Fort Wayne, Indiana

    It was a pleasure to see your program again.  It amazes me to see how you
    connect with each member of the audience.  This most recent program was
    implemented on our inpatient Traumatic Brain Injury Unit and as you are aware
    this population with such recent injuries can be challenging.  Attention to any
    task is difficult for them at this stage in their recovery.  You were able to
    successfully find some common point and I saw those "Aahaa" moments in their
    eyes.  Your presentation was inspiring, positive and encouraging.  I believe you
    have planted seeds of hope in their hearts.  I only wish you could see the
    future "garden of success", which your presentation helped to grow.

    Kathryn Elokdah, CTRS, Ed.M., ATP
    Team Leader, Therapeutic Recreation Department
    Administrator, Camp Independence
    MossRehab/ Einstein at Elkins Park

    “Dr. Jarvis’s presentation is an inspiration to all.  He demonstrates a strong sense of
    determination and a zest for life while motivating therapists to be the best clinicians we can
    possible be.  He reminds us of why we come to work everyday and why we should continue to
    work hard in our profession.  He uses humor and personal anecdotes to present a poignant
    account of his journey through rehabilitation! Dr. Jarvis is an engaging speaker and the staff
    thoroughly enjoyed his presentation.”     

    Pragati Shah, PT, MS
    Clinical Director of Physical Therapy
    JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute, Edison, NJ  

    “Inspiring personal account; Well-prepared with handouts to reinforce his message; Responded
    well to questions; His motivating message was applicable to everyone’s life; He is an example of
    drive and determination; Uplifting; Great sense of humor.”

    Acute Care Pt & OT Staff
    JFK Rehab Hospital, Edison. N.J
    As a therapist I saw your talk as well thought out and respectful of the early stage of recovery of
    your audience.  I think it was important they hear you speak of your emotional struggle during
    the early stages of rehab.  It helped them see those struggles as part of the process and gave
    them a way of thinking that they too will find peace within themselves.

    JoAnn M. Hardy, LCSW
    Hartwyck Center for Head Injuries
    Edison, N.J.

    Bill touches on all aspects of recovery including the physical, cognitive, and psychological
    aspects, and what people need to do to maximize their skills.  He uses real life examples and
    stories to drive his point’s home.  Bill is very articulate and organized in his ability to present

    Kristin Smith OTR
    Brain Injury Support Group Leader
    Fort Wayne, IN

    His talk was very informative and motivational.  He focuses on growth, finding strength, and
    learning to find motivation in very discouraging circumstances.  His presentation is very
    encouraging and helpful.  I recommend his presentation for people who are struggling to recover
    from any difficult situation and for the professionals who assist them.

    Spencer J. Booth, Psy. D., HSPP
    Clinical Psychologist
    Fort Wayne, IN

    Bill Jarvis provided an excellent presentation to the Cognitive Rehabilitation Staff at the JFK
    Johnson Rehabilitation, Center Fort Head Injuries   He recognizes his own difficulties, and
    continues to make progress; he is both optimistic and realistic

    Carolyn Weil, ACSW, Program Coordinator
    Hartwyck Center for Head Injury
    Edison, N.J.

    I have someone right now that would benefit from the check off list.  He leaves the professional
    with a useful tool to help other therapists help their patients.

    Barbara Surhoff PT
    Hunterdon Medical Center
    White House Station, N.J.

    I am writing to share Dr William C Jarvis spoke to a group of staff, patients and visitors on May
    31, 2006 at Moss Rehab and Einstein at Elkins Park.  His warm, engaging speaking style was
    well received by the audience.  His message is clear and sincere.  He truly inspired the
    participants.  We look forward to having him return to make a difference again.

    Julie Hensler-Cullen, MSN, RN
    Director of Education and Quality
    Moss Rehab, Elkins Park, PA

    Thanks so much for taking time to present your Jarvis Rehabilitation Method to our mental health
    therapists' group. Its theories are very inspiring and should prove helpful to each one of us.

    Sharon Mowrer
    Mowrer Consulting Fort Wayne

    I want to thank Dr. Jarvis for his presentation to our Lutheran Outpatient Rehab staff.  It was
    relevant to all disciplines and let us hear from a productive TBI survivor

    About some of the issues after discharge, and how he has handled them.  His program of
    mentorship has been successful for persons in the community and we will look at its feasibility at

    Gail Elliott, PT, MHS, OCS, CMPT
    Manager, Outpatient Rehabilitation
    Lutheran Hospital of Indiana

Conferences, Conventions, IBM Rings

    Here is what some have said:

    I can't thank you enough for coming to IBM Reno and presenting your inspiring lecture to the
    members. I'm sure you could tell from the response during and afterward how much everyone
    appreciated your talk and were touched profoundly by your words. You have a genuine mission
    in life and through your lectures and publications you will continue to help more people than you

    Dale Salwak
    IBM Executive Producer of Shows

    I worked with Dr. Bill Jarvis at the Reno IBM convention in '2007.  I
    found him very likeable to deal with behind-the-scenes.  And his
    presentation was first-class inspirational.

    Ron London

    It was my privilege to hear Dr. William Jarvis at the annual Fellowship of Christian Magicians
    conference held in Marion, Indiana from July 9 to 14, 2006.  He spoke of over coming adversity
    in our lives and he touched many a persons lives.  I would recommend him to anyone.  He is truly
    inspired by God the Holy Spirit.

    Ed Jarvis, President
    Fellowship of Christian Magicians

    He elaborated on how Magic helps improve thinking skills, fine motor skills and socialization.
    Practicing and doing Magic can bring them from depression to motivation.        
    Dick Stoner Corporate Magician        

    All the comments I heard were positive, and from a personal view point, I thought the lecture was
    outstanding.  I would highly recommend this lecture to any convention, magical or otherwise, that
    is looking for truly helpful, courageous, and beautiful lecture to present to the attendees.

    Jep Hostetler, Executive Director Magi-Fest

    I witnessed Dr. Bill Jarvis hold the attention of a room full of top-notch magicians at a recent
    convention in Columbus, Ohio.  He fooled us with his magic, entertained us with his wit, but most
    of all - he inspired us with his incredible story of overcoming obstacles and never giving up.  His
    practical suggestions and insight are applicable and meaningful to everyone, not just those with
    brain injuries.  I would highly recommend Dr. Jarvis' lecture to any group who wants to be
    entertained, amazed, but most of all...inspired.

    Rick Merrill 2004
    Close-up Magician of the year Magi-Fest

    It is quite evident by listening to Dr. Jarvis that you are in the midst of someone who is very
    compassionate about life and how precious it really is. He understands what he is talking about
    because he has 'walked the walk' and now he can talk about his experiences. To illustrate how
    magic has helped him get through tough times should be a lesson to us all how something so
    simple and entertaining can also be lifesaving.

    Rick Fischer

    FAB Magic, Colon, MI